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Just be here now! Easier said than done for sure! I was reminded of this mantra when I overheard a conversation referring to mindfulness and equating it to sitting with eyes closed and meditating. And how that was just not possible for this person. 

I can respect this for sure! 

Through my years as an athlete one of my coaches had " JUST BE HERE NOW! tattooed on his arm in Latin and was forever pointing to it during so many of my training sessions!

I was so often not present! Another coach would joke that I was lost in my oatmeal! 

See in aerobic gymnastics you have to be present! When you are not it can lead to serious injury, your routine looking flat and just off. WHEN you are present and on beat you look alive, energetic and possibilities abound. Magic happens! 

The same goes for life. Often we are too busy looking to the next "best" thing or into the future instead of paying attention to where we are in the here and now. We miss the magic!

When we are present our minds are clear, we listen better and make better decisions. Our stress is less!  We can step into our best selves too in this place!  Sounds like a great place for managers and employees to play in. 

Meditation is wonderful and there is a place for this for sure! Often just pausing to change our scenery, notice what is around us, and find gratitude and awe in the moment will create that place of mindfulness. That space to be present! 

Being present helps to improve/support our health and wellness, and connection with each other(to our team). Now you are creating your opportunity for your personal growth!  What a wonderful space to be in! 

I encourage you to be curious today, find your pause to be present, and step into your best self! Like with anything else worthwhile, it takes practice and awareness! It is not always easy. But you are worth it! 

Be well! Stay curious!

Find YOUR way. -Terri 

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