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#Opportunity! Lessons from the ocean

Happy 2024! Over the last 2 years, I have transitioned to choosing a word for the year instead of a goal. My word is OPPORTUNITY! The power and stickiness of this action struck me when my swim coach shared that she begins her day with the intention "To find opportunities." This resonated with me deeply! Since then, I've been purposefully fostering awareness around finding opportunities. My life motto is "Find a Way," so seeking opportunities makes complete sense to me.

There is more to it than just "thinking" about opportunities to make things happen. To start, I've utilized my passion for open-ocean swimming for practice and awareness. This process involves three key elements (there are probably more, but these stand out for me!):

  1. Curiosity: It elicits joy and excitement.

  2. Ask Questions: To understand the possibilities.

  3. Action: To FIND a way.

Putting this into practice, in 2023, I aimed to find an opportunity for an adventure swim, something no one had done before. I let my brain be curious, connecting me to the right person to ask questions and understand the feasibility. Once confirmed as doable (not easy but doable), I took the action step to set the plan into motion.

On Sunday, Sept 7th, 2024, I completed the first crossing from Molokina to Lanai – 30 miles in 19 hours and change! Finding an opportunity, to me, is far more powerful and has a more lasting impact than merely setting a goal. Goals, to me, are the small steps leading to the achievement of the opportunity's outcome.

I believe you can apply this approach to everyday life and work. How can you re-frame the goals you set for yourself or your organization as opportunities rather than just targets to hit? Here's to a year of finding opportunities! With Love, Terri #workinprogress #opportunities #lessonsfromtheocean #Terridietz #WYAOHAWAII

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