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To Vacation or not to vacation?

Experiencing a sabbatical, time away, vacation, or holiday—however you term it—can be a transformative reset for mind, body, and spirit. 

Recently, I had the opportunity to embark on a journey with my family, exploring Paris and traversing Italy, indulging in the culinary delights along the way. 

Before departing, a longtime friend imparted wisdom, urging me to fully embrace the moment and savor every experience. Their words resonated deeply, a testament to the bond forged over three decades of friendship. I endeavored to heed this advice, immersing myself in the sensory feast of new scents, flavors, languages, history, cultures, and landscapes. 

Despite my penchant for swimming, this trip was deemed a "non-swimming" affair by my husband. Yet, true to form, I found myself drawn to aquatic adventures abroad, discovering hidden gems like a long-course pool in France and a secluded community pool nestled on an island in Venice, Piscina di Sacca Fisola.

Reflecting on my return, it's evident how profoundly this time away has enriched my well-being and fostered cherished memories with loved ones. 

I've noticed a palpable shift in mental clarity and contentment two weeks since the journey's end. As I navigate forward, the grace and grounding gained from this hiatus has enabled me to be more present in each moment.

I urge you to carve out your own reset, embracing time away to rejuvenate and explore. 

Be well, stay curious, and find your path. 

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