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This 5 part education session is designed to inspire, motivate, and support YOU and your organization to move better and more often throughout the workday and your daily life!

We all understand the importance of moving our bodies every day, but life often gets in the way and movement takes a back seat to other important tasks.

Currently, American adults sit more now than ever in our history. The sitting isn’t necessarily detrimental to our health, but a lack of movement and exercise is.

Each session is only 10 - minutes(video)to be able to work into your day! Uniquely designed to inspire, motivate, and support you and your organization to take the simple steps to move better, more often and sit less throughout the workday and your daily lives!

Topics include:

  • Breath

  • Exercise and Heart and Brain Health

  • Fascia ( 2-part series) 

  • Better Ergonomic Set Up 

The more we move as we were designed to do, the better we age!  Let’s face it, we all are aging! There is no getting around this one, but there is a way to age BETTER! Be able to better manage the stresses and disease that might come our way!


Our bodies are inherently designed to be able to do this! We just have to do it! MOVE! Be aware of it and share this space with others and support them as they do their very best to age better, feel better and thrive!

If you are ready! Sign your team up today! 

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