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Move More-Live Better

3 Tips for Preserving Your Brain Health…

Changes to our brain are normal as we age. However, finding ways to stimulate our

brain and stay active on a regular basis can help us keep a better positive attitude,

make better decisions; deal with stress and anxiety better, slow down cognitive decline,

and decrease the risk of developing diseases.

Stimulate the brain through activities

Reading, music, manual activities… There is considerable evidence to suggest that

brain work can simulate, stimulate or improve the brain's ability to compensate for

cognitive decline. Researchers suggest reading or listening to the news, playing

strategy games, or spending time in nature.

Avoiding Social Isolation

Not interacting enough with other people leads to impaired cognitive performance.

Alzheimer progresses more quickly in patients suffering from loneliness. So don't

hesitate to go out, see friends, family, organize meals at home... Any excuse is good to

escape loneliness!

Managing the risks neurovascular

According to studies on the subject, good brain

health depends on heart health.

Specifically, scientists advise people with high blood pressure to make lifestyle changes

to reduce it over the long term. A 2018 study already suggested that people aged 50

with a blood pressure of 130 mmHg or more had a 45% increased risk of developing

dementia compared to those with lower blood pressure.

3 habits to avoid cognitive decline…

Have quality sleep

Several studies show a link between cognitive disorders and sleep (poor quality, night

too short, sleep apnea, etc.). The body uses sleep as a ‘basic repairer’, so it needs it to

stay healthy. Good sleep, at least seven to eight hours a day, will therefore help you

prevent Alzheimer's disease and related dementias.

Eating a Healthy, Balanced

A healthy diet* can not only help build cognitive resilience, but also prevent dementia

risk factors, such as high blood pressure and diabetes. Certain specific diets such as

the Mediterranean diet seem to be effective in th

at matter. In general, keeping a healthy

weight is also essential to combat the decline in cognitive functions. Having high levels

of body fat is a risk factor, reduced speed of thought processing and problems of

memory. People with more body fat have a higher likelihood of suffering brain injury and

perform worse while tested on concentration, coordination, ability to learn and process


A diet rich in flavonoids

Adding berries, red cabbage, onion, kale, tea, red wine and dark chocolate in your diet

would also lower the risk of cognitive decline. According to a study published in the

American Academy of Neurology Journal, the antioxidant properties of flavonoids act

directly on brain capacities and help reduce the risk of declining brain function.

According to the study, consuming it can indeed reduce the age of your brain by 3 to 4


Have a regular physical activity

Maintaining your cognitive performance also involves sports practice! Numerous studies

show that increased physical activity can reduce the risk of cognitive decline. More

specifically, it is advisable to do at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day, five days a

week. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s go and put on those sneakers! - BE WELL!

*Always consult with your Doctor about the right exercise and diet for your needs and any medical


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