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Keep THRIVING Through the Holidays with Mindfulness

By Catherine Nitelet-Vedder, Wellness Educator

When the month of December arrives, time seems to fly towards the holiday celebrations, leaving us breathless by the time we ring the new year. Indeed, Christmas shopping, decorations, corporate events and preparations for family reunions while working full time, bring their share of stress for a lot of people. For others, it may be a more painful time, especially if one lives far from loved ones or the end of the year is associated with painful memories…

To reduce the stress associated with the holiday season, it is possible to turn to mindfulness. Mindfulness is defined by “the act of bringing one’s attention back to the present moment, without passing judgment”. Here are a few tips to help you experience this period of the year with more serenity.

ACT ON YOUR VALUES Do you appreciate the arrival of winter to go for a hot chocolate? Admire the illuminations in the city? Decorating cookies with the family? By becoming fully aware of your values surrounding this time of year, you will allow yourself to have more good times now rather than anticipating the festivities to come.

DEVELOP AN ATTITUDE OF COMPASSION If the holiday season is often a sign of celebration, it is good to take time to show empathy, with regard to the suffering experienced at different scales, especially in the world, in your workplace and in your family. To feel compassion is to be present to the suffering of others, without judgment but kindness directed towards oneself is also important in a time where we tend to evaluate our year. It allows us to be less critical of ourselves and to develop in a more positive way.

ENGAGING IN A BENEFICIAL ACTION Many people choose the month of December to get involved in the community by preparing Christmas baskets, collecting or donating food or toys… Spreading the good around you is a way to take the time to live your values throughout the holiday season.

WELCOME THE RIGHT TIMES WITH GRATITUDE Every evening, before going to bed, take a few minutes to reflect on the day that has passed. This way, you can remember what you enjoyed about that day and show gratitude for those who made it beautiful.

RETHINKING CONSUMPTION Consumption is one of the main sources of stress during the holidays. There are inexpensive ways to please others. Remember, it’s the intention that counts, not the value of the gift you’re giving. An attentive presence to the other is a way of showing him/her the importance that he/she represents in our eyes.

CELEBRATE… IN FULL AWARENESS While the party is in full swing, take a break so that you can observe what you are going through, before you dive back into it. Savor the situation in an attitude of contemplation, of attentive presence. At this moment, realize that any moment is fleeting, the good as the painful. And, if you are left alone during the holidays, then this is an opportunity to reflect on the year that is ending and what you want to accomplish and experience for the year to come. Wishing you and yours the happiest of Holidays!

By now you have seen the alarming statics that 41% of the workforce is considering leaving their job this year, The Great Resignation! This period began back in April 2021 according to the US Bureau of Labor Statics when 4.3 million people quit their jobs! WHY? People started to view their lives and wellbeing differently and became very tired of the commute to and from work, exhausted with the work overload, burnt out, socially disconnected, often didn’t feel valued, cared for, lost sense of purpose and have overall poor health.

Well-being at work is critical! This is how we support our team, our employees, and our business to thrive and flourish! This includes increased productivity, innovation, profitability, retention, mental wellness, safety, customer service. Employees are looking towards their employers more now than ever for wellbeing!

Well-thought out, holistic and integrative wellness programs are fantastic! They can help to support the wellbeing of your employees and team. Wellness can start simply with you putting your best foot forward to take care of yourself to you taking time to connect, really connect with your team which creates inspiration for a culture of care and well-being.

Connect with WYAO Hawaii-TERRIDIETZ to find out how we can support a Culture of wellbeing, health, and happiness in your office today! Call 808-772-8222 or email Terri directly,

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