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Get Rid of Toxicity to Finally Reach your Goals!

By Catherine Nitelet-Vedder, Wellness Educator

To accomplish your goals, you must evolve in an environment favorable to this desire for accomplishment. Toxic events, environments and people who pull you down are not conducive to it, whether it’s out of jealousy, lack of trust or lack of leadership. Here is a way to improve your environment to help achieve your goals, whether professional or personal…

Surround yourself with the right people Get rid of the envious, jealous and negative people in your life Whether it’s your partner, your group of friends, your colleagues or your mentor, everyone has a role

to play in pushing you to your limits and making you progress, in the positive sense of the term. Surround yourself with the right people, either naturally or through strategic decisions. Having a life coach can help develop the right mindset to step out of your comfort zone too. All of your relationships are important in your quest for progress and achieving your goals.

Stick motivational post-its on your computer Put a post-it on your computer screen: “You’re the best”, “Have a nice day”, “Be confident in yourself”. These little notes had such an impact, you can carry them everywhere you go, as a reminder in the middle of the day.

Try tidying up your space One of the techniques to prepare for new goals is to tidy up your desk or your whole house. Declutter cupboards, drawers, shelves, classify your books by subject, separate pens, pencils and markers in your desk drawers so they all have a purpose. Less stuff to look for in several different places makes life easier.

Keep your gym clothes on your nightstand To encourage yourself to follow your exercise routine, keep your gym clothes or yoga mat on your bedroom nightstand before you go to bed each night. This way you get up in the morning and go out for a five kilometer jog or participate in your favorite group exercise class at the gym or online.

Hang meaningful photos for you Remind yourself of how full and rich your life is so give yourself more visual reminders of all that you have to be grateful for. Set up a photo gallery in your office, with photos from past travels and meaningful art projects. Place them in areas that you can see throughout the day, they will help you focus and center when things get stressful.

Create a reading corner Build a little reading nook on your balcony or garden, and initiate a new daily ritual where you can brew some tea or have a glass of wine while reading. This cozy corner will inspire you to read more, but will also invite you into a world of limitless possibilities, using your imagination through reading.

Add a scent to your workspace Every morning, add a few drops of bergamot or geranium oil to your diffuser. Those scents have a wonderful way to encourage focus and productivity during the day. It can be a powerful boost to get your brain to know you’re ready to work. It’s a simple ritual that not only calms down, but also helps prepare your work environment to be a more pleasant place. Connect with WYAO Hawaii/TERRIDIETZ to find out how we can support a Culture of wellbeing, health, and happiness in your office today! Call 808-772-8222 or email Terri directly,

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