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WYAO Hawaii serves corporate leaders to create high performance teams inside and outside the office.

Science backed wellness that gets results.

Meet Terri

Be well. Stay Curious. Find YOUR Way! 

“My Life’s Purpose is to fearlessly engage in my own wellness and well-being to UNLEASH energy that will help and inspire others so we can all live our best lives.”-Terri

Consult for Wellness Program Design, education, and speaking engagements.

Wellness Roadmap

3 Steps Wellness Roadmap.jpg

Our Three Steps to Implementing Integrated Wellness 

Through our step-by-step approach, we leverage metrics and collected data to gain insight into existing wellness status and identify areas of opportunity. Collaborative efforts enable us to establish clear goals and strategic initiatives that are in alignment with the company's mission and vision. By continuously collecting both qualitative and quantitative data throughout this process, we effectively track progress and measure the impact of our efforts, ultimately fostering engaged, resilient, thriving and happy employees.


 “Wellbeing is so much more than an exercise routine or healthy snacks—our health transforms how we live, work, perform, and feel—and it’s time we brought it to the forefront of corporate culture.”


“When Coffman began our journey with WYAO, we didn’t understand what wellness meant to us as an organization. Our team struggled with finding the language and a message to deliver about what we were trying to achieve. Through Terri’s guidance, we developed our mission statement and a guide to help us deliver lasting wellness solutions to those around us. Three years later, we’re enjoying all of the benefits of a great wellness program and still having fun doing it!

Jami-Principal Civil Engineer, Coffman Engineers, Inc.

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